Ralph Pearson are proud of the design of the site and all considerations have been given to its location, surroundings and security so that product safety is not affected. The site is situated in a semi industrial area of Bradford and has been custom built with meat production in mind. Our entire site is self contained within a high security fence with full remotely monitored CCTV equipment as well as alarm systems and permanent onsite security. 

All internal factory surfaces have been designed to minimise the risk of the accumulation of dirt and are constructed to be easily cleaned. All sections of the building are designed to exceed health and safety standards with each individual area computer controlled by our environmental and refrigeration systems. A constant monitor with automatic alarm system is in place and any slight temperature fluctuation is brought to the company’s attention automatically. A strict maintenance schedule is adhered to in order to ensure continuous safe operation.

Each part of the production process is contained within its own part of the site including goods in, pre-processing storage, boning room, packaging room, despatch and goods out. Offices and staff facilities are also segregated from the production areas with forced hygiene cleaning stations between each section.