Our production facility is highly mechanised and includes a variety of different machines. Once a carcass has been booked in upon delivery and is ready for processing it enters our multi-level conveyor system that transports the beef through the various stages of the boning cycle until the meat is in a state ready for packaging. The conveyor system also takes the waste products of the de-boning process and removes them safely into our waste disposal area.

Once the beef is ready for packaging it then passes through either our vacuum sealing machine or through our poly-bagging area and then onto our weighing and packaging area which also contains our foreign body detection machinery. Once packaged, the beef then passes through to our temperature controlled despatch area where is can be palletised on our auto-wrap machinery if required. Other machinery in use onsite includes the latest industry cleaning equipment for both equipment and personnel as well as fork lift trucks and hand carts to aid loading goods ready for dispatch. 

As part of our on-going investment in the business we are constantly updating our machinery to achieve the best possible standards and increase levels of productivity. Many of our machines are linked to the manufacturer by remote access to allow constant quality control and maintenance. We have our machines tested and calibrated at the required manufacturers and industry specified intervals and comply with the procedures set down by the governments weights and measures department.