Our entire site is run in accordance with the procedures outlined in our HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) documents but includes the following key points:

All visitors and contractors enter through the main front door which has a key pad and intercom system. All visitors and contractors entering the factory area must complete a health questionnaire and understand and abide by the company hygiene rules. If any visitor enters the factory they must be equipped with the appropriate protective clothing.

Due to possible contamination of packaging from external pests, people or adverse weather conditions, all packaging is stored internally.

Due to the risk of contamination of product and possible injury to staff and the public all cleaning chemicals are stored in a locked store externally.

All finished product is vacuum packed or poly bagged and boxed which is sealed using the site EC Number label to show that the product has not been tampered with.

All light fittings are self-contained to protect against breakages and changes to bulbs will be done outside of production time. Any breakages will be recorded in the glass control system log.

Water is drawn from the mains and is provided as potable water by Yorkshire Water Authority. A copy of their annual potability tests will be held on site in the main office and a copy held in the main office. Scheduled monthly tests are completed internally to verify water quality.

Ralph Pearson recognises that all equipment shall be suitably designed for the intended purpose and shall be used so as to minimise the risk of contamination. The equipment is designed and manufactured for the purpose, using suitable materials in accordance with legal requirements. The equipment is that which is specified for the particular function for which it is being used. The equipment is sited such that cleaning and maintenance can be properly and affectively carried out and to ensure operator safety. Equipment is properly and adequately maintained. Any equipment that is faulty or in such a state as to pose a threat to product safety or quality is repaired, maintained or replaced with immediate effect.