We have a strict policy in place to ensure that no foreign bodies can enter the product chain including the following procedures:

Upon receipt of any produce a visual inspection is undertaken to verify that all goods are delivered free from obvious signs of contamination, and this is recorded on the delivery acceptance form. In the event of contamination being observed, a non-conformance report is to be made to the Production Manager, or designated deputy who will remove the product from the production line immediately and decide and document the appropriate course of action to trace the contamination back to the supplier.

Once production has begun staff must always ensure that product on which they are working on is protected from possible contamination.  Since production is the first time that the majority of product is properly seen, observation at this point is critical and if any contamination is observed, a non-conformance report is made to the Production Manager, or designated deputy and in the event of non-conformance being confirmed, the Production Manager, or designated deputy, decides and documents the appropriate course of action.

Metal detection is carried out on all finished, boxed or packaged product to the metal detector is checked using ferrous, Non-ferrous and stainless steel test pieces supplied by the manufacturer. The metal detector is tested at the start, middle and end of each shift and recorded on the Metal Detection record.(Doc ref. 07) and in the event of a test failure, all product produced since the last acceptance test is quarantined and re-inspected. The metal detector is of the alarm and stop belt type and this checks primal the cuts of meat, retail portions and catering packs. Knives are individually numbered and assigned to each employee so any lost or damaged items can be traced and no snap off blades are used in the factory. Also no other tools or office equipment (such as staplers) are allowed in the factory areas.

Wood Usage – no wood can be used in any area of the factory except for product despatch and any pallets used in despatch are visually checked by responsible staff to ensure in good condition.

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